I am a figurative painter. And also mostly narrative. My images belong to my intimate repository, be it intimate in frames of mind or as plain as physical environment. They are simple and often repetitive, as topics that I need to clear for myself and steps in a process that is not complete. What is available for the viewer are frozen instances of an ongoing process.

I use images close and relevant to me, and I rely on their potential to create a connection with the viewer. They are small, and intimate, and also strong. I rely on a human innate ability to connect and interiorize movement and small gestures, and make them our own, and conceptualize our own inner experience. What I do in painting is to essentialize, simplify, and play.

I work with oil on canvas, and sometimes on wood panels. Sometimes using the fabric, and wood texture as part of the final image, others just playing with layers of paste. Some of my most recent work is exploring the delicate potential of paper and drawing.